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Let’s Talk About Industrial Tents

Are you planning to set up a temporary structure soon? Well, if that is the case, then you should consider buying industrial tents. Nowadays, the cost of construction has gone up. In addition, permanent brick-and-mortar structures are not the best option if you’re looking for a temporary option.

There are several types of semi-permanent structures on the market. Other than industrial tents, you can also get semi-permanent steel buildings. However, of all options available, industrial tents are by far the cheapest and most economical option.

What Are Industrial Tents?

Industrial tents are set up using steel beams and clear PVC roofing. The structures can be set up on any type of surface, which means that you will spend less on construction costs. However, you can also opt to rent the structure instead of buying it.

These tents come in handy if you’re looking for a temporary solution, especially for emergencies. You can also get extra cladding on the walls for extra insulation depending on your needs. These structures can be customized to serve different types of purposes including residential needs.

If you’re looking for temporary building solutions, we recommend visiting Smart-Space. They are experts in all types of temporary building solutions. You can also have the structure customized depending on your needs.

Benefits of Industrial Tents

Industrial tents or semi-permanent structures come with plenty of benefits. First, these structures are built using prefabricated materials, which cuts down the overall construction costs. As mentioned earlier, the structures can be set up on any type of surface. Overall, the labor and cost of materials are way cheaper than when building a permanent structure.

With industrial tents, you don’t need planning permissions or building approvals when setting up your structure. This is why industrial tents are the go-to choice for anyone looking for an emergency building in a short period.

Industrial tents are also portable, which is quite a plus for businesses operating on leased property. The structure can be dismantled easily and the prefab materials moved and set up in a new place. Besides that, you can also extend or reduce the building’s structures depending on your needs.

Most industrial tents can be customized further to meet your needs. However, this may come at an extra cost. For instance, you can add extra cladding to the walls if you want the building to have more insulation.

These structures are also fitted with energy-saving features. The PVC roofing and windows let in natural light during the day, meaning that you do not need to have lights on during the day.

Renting vs. Buying Industrial Tents

Industrial tents are the cheapest option when it comes to temporary buildings. However, there are some considerations you need to make between renting or buying an industrial tent. Both renting and buying have their benefits.

Buying an industrial tent gives you 100% ownership over the building. You can relocate the structure any time you need to. You can also rent it out for extra cash or sell it at a profit. Overall, if you’re planning to use the structure for a long period, we recommend buying the structure over renting.

Wrapping Up

Industrial tents are a good choice for anyone looking for a short-term temporary option. The good thing about these structures is that they are multipurpose. You can use the structure as a warehouse, indoor arena, or for residential purposes.

These structures are also cheaper and come in handy during emergencies. You don’t need planning permission if you’re using the structure for less than a month. The structure also takes less time to set up and dismantle.