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Daisy – The April Birth Flower

Most of us know our zodiac sign; but do you know your birth flower? If you’re an April baby, the daisy will be your birth flower. Daisies are a flower that you’ll see incorporated in hundreds of spring fashion designs, including jewelry and accessories.

If a daisy is your birth flower, you might want to keep it close to your heart with a daisy ring. This dainty design is the perfect way to incorporate a little of your personality into your daily style.

We’re deep diving into April’s birth flower to share with you the symbolism of the daisy and why it’s one flower we should all appreciate.

What is a daisy?

A daisy is a common European flower easily identifiable by its yellow disc-shaped center and white petals. Also known as the ‘bellis perennis’, this flower is part of the Asteraceae family.

While you’ll find several types of daisies, the white and yellow version is usually referred to as a ‘law daisy’ or the ‘English daisy’.

 What makes the daisy unique is that it does not die in the same way as other flowers. A daisy goes through a routine of closing at night when it sleeps and remerging in the morning when it wakes. It opens and closes with the sun.

The word daisy comes from the old English word “dægeseage”, meaning ‘day’s eye’ to reflect this behavior.

 The April birth flower

The daisy is one of two flowers associated with April, along with the sweet pea. Birth flowers are believed to coordinate with the personality of those born in that month, just like your zodiac sign.

As the April birth flower, it’s associated with innocence and purity to reflect the wholesome nature of their personality. Those born in April are believed to be people who act with trust and respect for those around them in good faith.

Along with being associated with April birthdays, the daisy is considered the flower of friendship. If you want to share a secret, a daisy is a perfect way to symbolize it.

Although the daisy is considered a European flower, you can find it on every continent except Antarctica.

 The symbolism of a daisy

The symbolism for daisies is derived from Celtic mythology, which believed that the gods would sprinkle daisies across the ground to memorialize the loss of a child.

Since then, daisies have evolved to represent new beginnings, including motherhood and childhood. This connection the motherhood also comes from the link that the daisy has to Freya, the Norse goddess of fertility.

A daisy is an instinctively feminine flower, symbolizing love, fertility, and beauty. Daisies are usually presented with primroses when gifted to new mothers.

The transformation of a daisy as it opens and closes also reflects the idea of romance in bloom as friendship evolves into true love. The phrase “fresh as a daisy” comes from the belief that daisies encourage a good night’s sleep.

What is your birth flower? Let us know in the comments below!